Nyalenda footballers come in aid of widow Omollo

Footballers in Nyalenda area of Kisumu County on Sunday 2nd August paid a visit to widow Joyce Omollo, a senior citizen residing in the area and gifted her with a bagful of goodies to sustain her in this Covid-19 pandemic.

Omollo, a resident of Nyalenda A living alone in a single room hut, attracted the attention lanky Kisumu Hot Stars center-back Marvin Ayoro who then rallied his fellow footballers to come in aid of the widow.

”I know times are tough but we can do something and that’s why I thought if we came together as footballers we might be of aid to our community outside the football field,” said Ayoro who hosted the group briefly before the handover.

The Covid-19 pandemic has rendered sport unplayable and most professional footballers have been out of a job for the past three months. The group, however, thinks it is the best time to look out for frequently marginalized members of the community and do something positive. Coming together, they managed to purchase household goods such as sugar, cooking oil, rice, soap, firewood and enough home essentials to take Mama Omollo for a good length of the pandemic.

The group

Led by seasoned names such as Maxwell Onyango, Billy Agai, Morgan Alube, Dan Onyango, Gordon Okeya, Charles Adika, and Ugandan import Hamidu Kwizera, the group promised to further reach out and spread its wings across the entire Nyalenda area.

”This is only a start, we intend to do more and God willing, we will even raise more than we have today,” said Gordon Okeya, a former Migori Youth prodigy.

The group, in its initial stages of formation, intends to add more members to the cause and urged other footballers in the region to come on board.

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