Adwar determined to make a difference with charity work

Murray State College Kenya student cum footballer Tom Edwards Adwar is already involving himself in charity work, the former Sofapaka and Tusker midfielder has decided to support the girl child during her menstruation period by offering sanitary towels.

With the current state of the economy, Tom said he understands how hard it is for families to provide for their girls:

“I know some families are struggling during this Covid-19 pandemic and some of them now have zero income after losing their jobs and business slowing down, it is only wise of me to at least offer a helping hand to the girl child,” said Thomas in an interview with Sports Review Kisumu.

Growing up as a boy with sisters and female friends  Adwar personally endured stories from his female friends the struggles faced by those who couldn’t afford to buy essential feminine hygiene products during their teen stages. 
Determined to make a difference, the managed to gather several boxes of sanitary towels to help the young unprivileged girl child, However, he hopes to get more people on board to expand the scope of donations for young girls who need it.

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