Former Western Stima striker turns to music, releases debut single

Former Western Stima striker Austine Ochieng has stormed the music industry with his debut single titled ‘Wera’, a song appreciating the government’s efforts to curb unemployment among the youth through the Kazi Kwa Vijana National Youth Service jobs.

Currently going by the name Big Daddy in the music industry, Ochieng says ‘Wera’ came about as a result of two things. The first he says was because the Covid-19 pandemic had rendered sports un-playable and having just earned a football scholarship at the Eldoret Cambridge College, everything looked bleak.

‘’I went back home as a result of the pandemic and I would see my sister leave every day with gumboots and gloves and at the end of the week she would even give me some money because I had nothing,’’ says Ochieng.

Kisumu Empire Geng from Left Eddy Nash, Michu World Born, MC Vocke, Big Daddy, Nature World Born

It is a good initiative he says, even if he hasn’t succeeded in registering for it himself.

‘’I thought I should sing about it, the government has brought jobs, so alongside a few friends we formed Kisumu Empire Geng (K.E Geng) and released the first single. We have a package of ten songs but have not managed to release the rest because of the financial strain but we hope something opens up soon,’’ he adds.

Ochieng, a budding winger from Kisumu, played for Western Stima in the National Super League helping the team earn promotion back into the Kenyan Premier League. He has also played for Kisumu All Stars, Nairobi Stima, Kangemi All Stars, and was recently acquired by Cambridge College Eldoret on a football scholarship in Division 2.

Listen to the song here:

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