Urusi coach Aroko heaps praise on formidable Samuel Omondi

Urusi SC head coach Nick Mattere has showered midfielder Samuel Omondi with a lot of praise after staging a good show against Hema Moja in their weekend division two fixture.

 The 23-year-old has been regularly chosen as Mattere’s first-choice midfielder over the past four matches, stepping up while regulars in that position are out nursing injuries.

Speaking to Sports Review Kisumu , Mattere said:

“Incredible is the only thing I can say,Samuel has showed me the importance and value of a great player full of potential his zealous nature has earned him a place in my starting eleven, the beginning of the season things were just not right for us at the club we had on and if the pitch issues but I’m glad things are shaping out well and everybody is ready to work hard”  

Urussi who play at the National Division Two League is placed at position 8 having accumulated a total of 19 points 

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